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The course fees will be invoiced before semester commences. Confirmation of payment secures the spot for the teacher of choice and enrolment in the course. There could be a waiting list for your teacher of choice due to high demand.

Lessons are conducted either on an individual basis or in group. Full time enrolment means 2 contact hours per week for Grade One to Grade Three, 3 hours for Grade Four and Five, 4 hours for Grade Six to Grade Eight covering 4 main areas of musical studies.



2020 Calendar Day/Date
Semester 1 Tue, 28 Jan – Sun, 28 Jun
Mid semester 1 break Tue, 31 Mar – Mon, 13 Apr
Examinations Mon, 29 Jun – Tue, 30 Jun
Winter Recess Wed, 1 July – Tue, 14 July
Semester 2 Wed, 15 July – Wed, 16 Dec
Mid semester 2 break Mon, 21 Sep – Sun, 4 Oct
Examinations Thu, 17 Dec – Fri, 18 Dec
Christmas Holidays Sat, 19 Dec – Sun, 24 Jan

The academy follows the Victorian state school terms as closely as possible, but lessons and exams can be conducted outside of the gazetted dates.

Payment POLICY

An invoice will be sent before semester commences. The first instalment must clear the bank before lesson can commence, with the rest of the payment due by the date specified in the invoice. Enrolments and its fees associated with it cannot be transferred to another person.

All invoices are sent via email and can be paid via direct deposit, cheque or cash. Credit card and EFTPOS payment will attract a 1.9% surcharge.


VAMA’s tuition fees is based on coursework, and therefore will be quoted to you by grade level per year. Our coursework is oriented on all-round learning and acquiring excellent musicianship skills. If you wish to enroll in any subjects outside of the coursework you will be quoted based on the subject fee alone.

Only casual one-to-one lessons with no locked-in contract will be quoted on an hourly rate of $150 as they are not part of the VAMA course structure. Once the semester has commenced, tuition fees cannot be refunded.


For individual lessons, please call and speak to us 24-hours prior to your lesson time should you wish to cancel. Upon confirmation of receipt, we will offer an alternate date and time at our discretion.

You are entitled up to two make-up lessons per semester however, they are strictly dependent on the tutor’s availability. Make-ups do not roll over onto subsequent semesters and cannot be rescheduled.


Unfortunately, group lessons cannot be cancelled or made up. There are no avenues for refunds.


In the unlikely event that a tutor cannot attend a lesson, we will either find a suitable relief teacher or organise an alternative time for a make-up lesson. The tutor reserves the right to alter your scheduled lessons on a weekly basis.

Terms & Conditions

VAMA’s policies is subject to change without prior notice. Please check them periodically.

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