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“Victorian Academy of Music and Arts (VAMA) is distinction and quality music school offering piano lesson, guitar lesson and much more. We ace music exams, auditions, and our amazing results speak for themselves. In under 7 years, our students will graduate from Grade 8 and will have the opportunity to audition for a place or a scholarship in prestigious music schools worldwide.”

Eujin Wong, President of Victorian Academy of Music & Arts.



  • Our main goal is to transform students to become leaders in the field of music.

  • Studies at VAMA is a partnership between educators and students.

  • Our priority is to ensure you are taught the best technique and theoretical knowledge and apply it to your music or art form.

  • As a responsible music school, we work on passing the artistry of music making to future generations.

  • To this effect, we teach and disseminate information without sugarcoating, as it should be in music schools.

  • Our music school provides a nurturing environment for students to freely develop their skills.

  • We provide all the resources, support and encouragement required for students to strive for the best and tackle challenges.